Welcome to MovingAutoParts.com! We are the most efficient and reliable tool used to locate insurance quality used OEM parts online. Our knowledgeable and hardworking sales staff as well as our friendly customer support can help minimize your search time and provide you with the precise part needed for your issue. Our mission is to maximize efficiency with all our customers, which means providing you with used OEM parts as quickly and cost-effectively as possible!

Our well-established supply chain is made up of professional suppliers, recyclers, dismantlers and freight forwarding companies. This allows us to find the part you need locally and ship it out to you quickly. We are proud to run a business that re-uses and recycles automotive parts and by doing so we contribute to a greener planet. We are also proud that we save our customers hundreds of dollars!

Our Mission

We seamlessly bridge the gap between our customer and supplier. OEM parts are specialized, quality parts that can cost a small fortune and can empty a customer’s pocket. We work to ensure that our customers receive the right quality parts and that too at a reasonable cost. This includes vehicles of all kind, regardless of a hybrid, diesel or any other specialty engine. We save our customer their money, energy, and most importantly their time.


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